Машина КБС Zechini Binder 1.1

Машина КБС Zechini Binder 1.1

Книжный блок может быть фрезерован или не фрезерован (в случае прошитых блоков), проклеен по корешку и вставлен в экономичную мягкую обложку. Представлены две модели: с одной колодкой, для средних производственных темпов и с четырьмя колодками, для высоких производственных темпов

New perfect binder with full automatic format change.
Once fitted the book into the clamp, Binder 1.1 shall automatically and in a few seconds adjust the side gluig and the double creasing of the automatic cover feeder

- Automatic calculator which calculates the thickness of the dox in the clamp and controls the creasing and the gluig axes
- Automatic creasing adjustement relating to the thickness of the document
- Automatic adjeustement of the cover position in relation to the first folding
- Automatic pick-up of the covers by a suction cover feeder with 8 adjustable suckers and air blower (max. size 650x380 - min. size 220x110)
-Side gluing relating to the automatic creasing to the thickness of the dox.
- Automatic position of the covers on the feeder
- Anti-glue globule electronic device before the stop
- Automatic outlet of found dox.
- Automatic screen touch control
- Automatic starting cycle device with timer and infrared cell control

Technical details

Max. lenght of the spine 380 mm.
Thickness of the book block from 2 sheets to 50 mm without adjustement
Gluing heat control from 120╟ to 200╟
Low heating standby to avoid the alteration of the glue
Milling abd creasing from 0 to 40 mm.
Easy programming by the means of the "touch screen"
Speed: 600 books/hour
Dimension/weight: lenfht 210 cm - width 95 cm - height 135 cm, 700 kg